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We were evacuated from our home in the summer of 2010, and felt helpless as we watched slurry bombers (planes dropping fire retardant) fly over our mountain neighborhood.  Luckily, our house was saved by the tireless efforts of fire fighters.

The following year, we were diligent in fire mitigation efforts – gathering neighbors to cut down trees, moving brush from around the house, mowing the tall grass on our property, and spraying for beetles to keep trees healthy.
We watched in terror as other communities faced raging fires in 2012.  We provided goodies for the mountain fire department bake sale, bought a fire proof safe, and stored valuables at a friend’s house in town.  One lightning storm produced half a dozen small fires in our neighborhood.  'There has to be something more to do', we thought, and Fire Fence fire retardant was born. Fire Fence is essentially slurry for residential use, applied with a hand sprayer by property owners.  Fire Fenceis part of a comprehensive fire mitigation plan to help protect what you value most.

MK Venture Tek, LLC. Principals

Mark Hartmann knew he wanted to be a chemist from the time he was a young boy.  “Better living through chemistry” is the phrase that has driven Mark his entire career, and secured him nearly 100 patents.  His career has led him to PPG, Cargill and most recently Outlast Technologies where he is the Chief Technology Officer. Mark has been responsible for the development and commercialization of polymeric materials such as composite coatings for automobiles, temperature regulating materials originally developed for NASA, and fire retardant fabrics and coatings for fire fighters and the military. Fire Fence is based off his many years of experience and is just his latest development to make the world a safer place.

Kay Lynn Hartmann has been a business professional for over 20 years. She was one of four college graduates chosen from across the country to start a new position at Sony Pictures Entertainment, then moved to Warner Bros. a few years later.  She most recently helped entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams at Great Clips, Inc. where she was honored to receive the corporate employee of the year award, and facilitated growth from 1200 to over 3300 salons while managing a multi-million dollar advertising fund budget.  Now, Kay Lynn is passionate about protecting dreams by launching Fire Fence, a product that can help prevent heartache, provide security and safeguard the mountain hillsides she loves.

 Slurry saved our house, and you can assist fire fighter efforts by protecting your mountain property with Fire Fence
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