Fire Fence Fire Retardant
Fire FenceTM Fire Retardant

Protecting your mountain property from wildfires is now easier than ever. 

Simply apply Fire FenceTM
Fire Retardant around the perimeter of your property using a hand or backpack sprayer to provide instant security for your family, house and property.

100% Solid Fire FenceTM, 7 lb bag

Dissolve in water to create five gallon solution. $47/bag

100% solid Fire FenceTM ships USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate.  Most items will arrive in 4 days. Watch for your confirmation email with product tracking information.  Shipping charges are applied at check-out based on quantity ordered.  We ship anywhere within the U.S. at this time.

Fire FenceTM 5 gallon ready-to-spray solution

$89 per five gallon pail of ready-to-spray solution.  Available by request only at

Fire FenceTM five gallon ready-to-spray solution will ship Fed Ex.  Rates and estimated time of delivery will be communicated at time of order.
While there is no guarantee against Mother Nature, ingredients in Fire FenceTM have helped saved millions of forest acres and thousands of homes over the past 30 years when used by the USDA Forest Service.  Fire FenceTM is most effective as part of a comprehensive fire mitigation plan when applied to dry vegetation, ie: grass, shrubs, brush.


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